Via Flaminia Classic 2016 May

Enchanted Tuscany and the bewildering Abruzzi


It is quiet impossible to surpass the scenery of central Italy. We have been there before, we still love it and we are going back. Some new roads in Tuscany and some new roads to the highlights in Umbria and the Abruzzi.

We will start at the truly unbelievable Maserati collection of Panini. After 80 years Mario is still collecting cars as if they where stamps. And he has acquired a very fine taste. A collection open to the very few. And we are the lucky ones.

The rally will be going south into Tuscany. We stay two nights in a rebuild farmers village before continuing to the little town of Bevagna in Umbria.

From there we continue to a spa-resort high in the Gran Sasso mountains. We are surrounded by bear-rich forests and luxury.

On the way back north we pass the “raison d’étre” of the Via Flaminia and finish in style in a fortified village.

As always, the Via Flaminia is a layback rally where the competition serves the atmosphere, winning is not a goal on itself. Those who want to have a stop for a coffee can do so. No time constraint. The classification is done via navigation and the competition for the last place is sometimes fierce.

In order to attract younger participants we have devised a discount formula. For every year that the sum of the driver and navigator is smaller than 100; they get a discount of 1% (with a maximum of 20%). (NB: Only the year of birth counts in reference to the year 2016).

Moreover, for every two years that they are younger than 100, they can bring in a car that is one year younger than 1974. Of course this does not count for the pre-war edition.

The May rally, which will be held from May 21 – 28 will hold a Sport Class as well as a Tour Class. The September rally will only hold a Tour Class.

The Sport Class drivers will get roads, which are slightly more difficult to find, which are not as well maintained and some more kilometres.






Friday May 20

trein-reiswinkelThe train leaves Dusseldorf at 18:36 (loading starts at 15:50). On the train you get to meet the other participants and can dine while driving along the Rhine River and its many castles.

After an overnight drive from Dusseldorf we arrive at 9:45 in Verona.



Schlägelstraße 5-7
40227 Düsseldorf


Saturday May 21: 170 km

paniniAfter offloading the car train we will have an hours drive to a fabulous lunch place, not far from Modena.


While making Parmesan cheese, the Panini family started collecting Maserati’s. Now it has the biggest private collection in the world. We are welcome to visit the collection and will be having a welcoming lunch between the multi million cars.

The actual start will be at the Panini collection. It is only a small drive to the hotel where – in 2010 – we had the most welcoming reception.


Sunday May 22: 180 km

1911-knoxThe Sunday we drive south, into Tuscany. We take a very narrow hanging bridge, which we took five years ago for the last time. We continue the road over the Mille Miglia road with the Futa pass and the Raticosa pass.

We will have lunch at Villa Pitiana, where I wanted to go back ever since our last visit in 2006.villa-pitiana

The hotel is a privately owned restructured farmers village with all the luxury of a four star hotel. We will be staying for two nights in this great resort.




Viale Barberino, 19/21
52022 Meleto Cavriglia
Tel.: 0039 055 961 813
Monday May 23: 175 km

Tuscany-classic-carWe will be staying two nights in our restructured farmers village. From here we wonder into enchanted Tuscany.

The scenery is overwhelming, the hills are gentile and the food is exquisite. We will be having a lunch at one of the many Chianti chianti-winerywineries in the region.


Tuesday May 24: 210 km

We leave our farmer’s village for the little Roman town of Bevagna in the Umbrian planes. Some more great driving through the gentile toscaans-landschapcountryside, we savour the Italian sensations.

Today you are free to have lunch at your own convenience.

palazzo-brunamontiWe will be staying in two hotels. The non-upgrade participants will stay in the Palazzo Brunamonti build on Roman ruins. The upgrade participants will be staying next door in l’Orto degli Angeli. Both are very authentic and excellent hotels. Much of the furniture is antique. Together with Bevagna these hotels are truly little jewels.


Corso G. Matteotti, 79
Bevagna (PG)
Tel.: +39 0742 361 932
Wednesday May 25: 210 km

gran-sasso-sceneryWe now leave the civilised world for a trip to Scotland, or is it Tibet? We must have driven these high planes over 50 times while organising different Via Flaminia rallies. But it remains one of the truly great roads. Great for driving and great for having a moment of awe.


We will be having lunch at the infamous Campo Imperatore. Infamous since Benito Mussolini was kept prisoner there before being campo-imperatorefreed by the Nazi’s and because we had snow there on June 8th 2005 on our very first Via Flaminia.

For the first time we will be staying in a spa resort on the Gran Sasso. In the forest, surrounded with luxury and bears.



Thursday May 26: 230 km

rally-roadWe leave our spa and the Gran Sasso for a drive north along the majestic Gran Sasso and towards Castelluccio on the high plane above Norcia.

Since we do not want to overfeed you, lunch is at your own discretion. But we suggest the private Catel di Luco where we where guest two years

We will be spending the night in a rebuild village on a green estate.



Loc. Badia Val di Rasina
06023 Gualdo Tadino (PG)
Tel.: 0039 075 910 701
Friday May 27: 160 km

klassieke-rally-routeThe last day of the 2016 Via Flaminia will be a short one. The scenery in the Marche region differs from that in Tuscany or the Abruzzi but is not less spectacular. Eroded hills follow hills with lush vegetation.

We have our closing diner at the Palazo Viviani at the Castello Montegridolfo. We will be spending the night just outside the castle walls.



Saturday May 28: 290 km

autoslaaptreinAfter the excitement of the rally it is good to go home in a relaxed manner. Take the motorail to Dusseldorf. Enjoy a last diner on board and exchange impressions with your fellow participants.

 It is only 290 km to the motorail in Verona, of which 275 km is highway. The train leaves at 17:05 and loading starts at 14:30.

Piazzale 25 Aprile
Number: 34      Year of manufacture:       Car:
no photo available yet

no photo available yet

Participated in :
Number: 32      Year of manufacture: 1961      Car: Porsche 356 Cabriolet
Marc de Nil (LUX)
Marc de Nil
Marie Claire Everaert (B)
Marie  Claire Everaert
Porsche 356  Cabriolet 1961
Participated in :
Number: 31      Year of manufacture: 1969      Car: Mercedes 280SL
Louisa van Beuningen (NL)
Louisa van Beuningen
Rimmert Sluiter (NL)
Rimmert Sluiter
Mercedes 280SL 1969
Participated in :
Number: 29      Year of manufacture: 1965      Car: Alfa Romeo Giulietta
Leo Luchtman (NL)
Leo Luchtman
Teun Hoek (NL)
Teun Hoek
Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1965
Participated in :
Number: 28      Year of manufacture: 1971      Car: Mercedes Benz 280 SE 3.5
Dirk Roelens (B)
Dirk Roelens
Trees Desmet (B)
Trees Desmet
Mercedes Benz 280 SE 3.5 1971
Participated in :
Number: 25      Year of manufacture: 1966      Car: TR4A IRS
Bram van Rosmalen (NL)
Bram van Rosmalen
Fenneke van Leijden (NL)
Fenneke van Leijden
TR4A IRS 1966
Participated in :
Number: 23      Year of manufacture: 1967      Car: Fiat Dino Spider 2,0
Walter Neubacher (A)
Walter Neubacher
Astrid Neubacher (A)
Astrid Neubacher
Fiat Dino Spider 2,0 1967
Participated in :
Number: 22      Year of manufacture: 1963      Car: Austin Healey
Marc Verloo (B)
Marc Verloo
Anne Ghys (B)
Anne Ghys
Austin Healey 1963
Participated in :
Number: 21      Year of manufacture: 1973      Car: Porsche 914
Jeroen Hoep (NL)
Jeroen Hoep
Monique Hoep (NL)
Monique Hoep
Porsche 914 1973
Participated in :
Number: 21      Year of manufacture: 1962      Car: Austin-Healey 3000 mk2
Alexander van Puijenbroek (NL)
Alexander van Puijenbroek
Abel Jan Brand (NL)
Abel Jan Brand
Austin-Healey 3000 mk2 1962
Participated in :
Number: 20      Year of manufacture: 1969      Car: Mercedes Benz 280SL
Pim Brunet (NL)
Pim Brunet
Margit Brunet (NL)
Margit Brunet
Mercedes Benz 280SL 1969
Participated in :
Number: 19      Year of manufacture: 1969      Car: Alfa Romeo 1300 GT
Paul de Bie (NL)
Paul de Bie
Ineke de Bie (NL)
Ineke de Bie
Alfa Romeo 1300 GT 1969
Participated in :
Number: 17      Year of manufacture: 1968      Car: Jaguar E-type Serie 1,5 OTS
Egbert Dijkstra (NL)
Egbert Dijkstra
Liesbeth van Galen (NL)
Liesbeth van Galen
Jaguar E-type Serie 1,5 OTS 1968
Participated in :
Number: 17      Year of manufacture: 1968      Car: Triumph TR 250
Bart Cornelissen (NL)
Bart Cornelissen
no photo available yet

Triumph TR 250 1968
Participated in :
Number: 17      Year of manufacture: 1962      Car: Alfa Romeo 2600 Touring Spider
Oscar Chiaradia (NL)
Oscar Chiaradia
Elisabeth Sassen (NL)
Elisabeth Sassen
Alfa Romeo 2600 Touring Spider 1962
Participated in :
Number: 16      Year of manufacture: 1957      Car: Jaguar XK 150 drophead coupe
Do Meeus (NL)
Do Meeus
Els Meeus (NL)
Els Meeus
Jaguar XK 150 drophead coupe 1957
Participated in :
Number: 15      Year of manufacture: 1973      Car: Lancia Fulvia 1,3S
Brian Mills (UK)
Brian Mills
Lynda Mills (UK)
Lynda Mills
Lancia Fulvia 1,3S 1973
Participated in :
Number: 14      Year of manufacture: 1965      Car: MG-B
Marcel Koert (NL)
Marcel Koert
Sylvia Gatsma (NL)
Sylvia Gatsma
MG-B 1965
Participated in :
Number: 13      Year of manufacture: 1956      Car: Jaguar 140 DHC
Jack Laurs (NL)
Jack Laurs
Matthijs Laurs (NL)
Matthijs Laurs
Jaguar 140 DHC 1956
Participated in :
Number: 12      Year of manufacture: 1957      Car: Triumph TR-3
Ilona Gatsma (NL)
Ilona Gatsma
Jaap Gatsma (NL)
Jaap Gatsma
Triumph TR-3 1957
Participated in :
Number: 11      Year of manufacture: 1968      Car: Triumph TR250
Nico Trap (NL)
Nico Trap
Hanneke Trap (NL)
Hanneke Trap
Triumph TR250 1968
Participated in :
Number: 10      Year of manufacture: 1964      Car: Jaguar E-type
Paul Koeton (NL)
Paul Koeton
Linnet Cortlever (NL)
Linnet Cortlever
Jaguar E-type 1964
Participated in :
Number: 08      Year of manufacture: 1972      Car: BMW 2002Tii Touring
Tom Bakkenist (NL)
Tom Bakkenist
Isabella Bakkenist (NL)
Isabella Bakkenist
BMW 2002Tii Touring 1972
Participated in :
Number: 08      Year of manufacture: 1963      Car: Mercedes 190SL
Jan Govers (NL)
Jan Govers
Frank Govers (NL)
Frank Govers
Mercedes 190SL 1963
Participated in :
Number: 08      Year of manufacture: 1957      Car: Jaguar XK 140 OTS
Tony Stevens (B)
Tony Stevens
Emma van de Paer (B)
Emma van de Paer
Jaguar XK 140 OTS 1957
Participated in :
Number: 07      Year of manufacture: 1984      Car: Bentley Continental
Walter vd Berg (NL)
Walter vd Berg
Dorine vd Berg (NL)
Dorine vd Berg
Bentley Continental 1984
Participated in :
Number: 07      Year of manufacture: 1972      Car: MG Midget MK III
Wietse Groenink (NL)
Wietse Groenink
Ineke Groenink (NL)
Ineke Groenink
MG Midget MK III 1972
Participated in :
Number: 06      Year of manufacture: 1954      Car: Jaguar 140 OTS
Tony de Bruijn (NL)
Tony de Bruijn
Henk van Halewijn (NL)
Henk van Halewijn
Jaguar 140 OTS 1954
Participated in :
Number: 06      Year of manufacture: 1951      Car: Jaguar Mark V Dropead Coupé
Louisa van Beuningen (NL)
Louisa van Beuningen
Rimmert Sluiter (NL)
Rimmert Sluiter
Jaguar Mark V Dropead Coupé 1951
Participated in :
Number: 05      Year of manufacture: 1963      Car: Austin Healey MK2 a
Dick Sassenburg (NL)
Dick Sassenburg
Margreet Sassenburg (NL)
Margreet Sassenburg
Austin Healey MK2 a 1963
Participated in :
Number: 04      Year of manufacture: 1974      Car: Alfa Romeo Spider
Johan Schoenmaker (NL)
Johan Schoenmaker
Hille Ypma (NL)
Hille Ypma
Alfa Romeo Spider 1974
Participated in :
Number: 04      Year of manufacture: 1965      Car: Triumph TR4 A
Nico Trap (NL)
Nico Trap
Hanneke Trap (NL)
Hanneke Trap
Triumph TR4 A 1965
Participated in :
Number: 03      Year of manufacture: 1968      Car: Mercedes 280SL
Niek van Helden (NL)
Niek van Helden
Marian van Helden (NL)
Marian van Helden
Mercedes 280SL 1968
Participated in :
Number: 01      Year of manufacture: 1961      Car: Jaguar Mark II
Joke Verhoeven (NL)
Joke Verhoeven
Bas 't Jong (NL)
Bas 't Jong
Jaguar Mark II 1961
Participated in :
Number: 01      Year of manufacture: 1965      Car: Excalibur
Maarten Fiijan (NL)
Maarten Fiijan
Henny Fijan (NL)
Henny Fijan
Excalibur 1965
Participated in :

Rally Details


Start: Saturday May 21
Paninia Maserati Collection
via Cortletto sud 320
41100 Modena

Finish: Friday May 27
Castello Montegridolfo
Via Roma, 38
47837 Montegridolfo (RN)

  • Seven nights in excellent hotels.
  • Six dinners.
  • Three or four lunches.
  • Technical assistance.
  • Raidillon watch for the winners.
  • Via Flaminia polo.
  • Roadbooks, rallyshields etc.

Entry fee


Booking fee 
(payment in before January 31, 2016):

Registration: € 2.770, –
Update (you are on top of the list for the best rooms except for the hotel in Bevagna): € 150, –

Discount: 1% for each year that the sum of the age of both participants is smaller than 100.
(Whole years as compared to the year 2016).

Booking fee
(payment in after January, 2016)

Registration: € 2.990, –
Update (you are on top of the list for the best rooms except for the hotel in Bevagna): € 230, –

Total kilometers

Train details

Total rally kilometers: 1350

From the disembarkation of the motorail to the start: 100 km

From the finish to the mororail: 290 km

Friday May 20:
Departure at Düsseldorf station 18:36 (loading starts 16:00)
Arrival in Verona 09:45 (next day)

Saturday May 28:
Departure at Verona 17:05 (loading starts at 14:30)
Arrival in Düsseldorf 07:20 (next day)


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