Via Flaminia 2019

Towards the Adriatic coast.

The 15th edition of the Via Flaminia will be starting and ending in Friuli, not far from Innsbruck where the motorail will be bringing the cars. From there we will cross the mountains into Slovenia. It is six years since we where there and the roads have only improved since. The landscape is “Austria-like”. All very well organised, very pretty and clean with churches set high in the meadows.

From the Slovenian planes we cross the mountains into Croatia and see for the first time the Adriatic before driving down to the coast.

The drive along the coast is truly fantastic with the many islands reflecting in the blue waters.

The contrast between the sea and the ancient city centre of Split couldn’t be bigger. Roman temples are part of medieval facades. We stay in two hotels at the main square in the city centre, in the pedestrian zone.

We leave the European Union for two days in the mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We make a step back in time and at the same time meet wonderful and welcoming people. It is a welcome change from the relatively crowded coast.

We now drive back towards Friuli and have a last stop in Ljubljana.

The finish will be in an old mansion/castle full of art and artefacts. A perfect place to end this rally.

As always, the Via Flaminia is a layback rally where the competition serves the atmosphere, winning is not a goal on itself. Those who want to have a stop for a coffee can do so. No time constraint. The classification is done via navigation and the competition for the last place is sometimes fierce. For those who are more competitive there is a Sport-class.

There are 30 entry positions for cars up to 1975.


Day 1, Saturday June 8, Motorail - Cividale del Friuli: 300km

The motorail runs daily from Düsseldorf to Innsbruck. We suggest you take a day extra in order to have all the time to enjoy driving the Dolomites.

Of course you are also welcome to come by own means to Cividale del Friuli.

The hotel for the start is 300 km from Innsbruck. It is a former 19th century cloister converted into hotel and wellness centre. For those arriving early we recommend a 15-minute walk to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Tempietto Longobardo. Together with the monastery of Santa Maria in Valle it constitutes some of the oldest Lombard architecture.

Locanda al Castello

Via del Castello 12

33043 Cividale del Friuli (UD)

Tel.: +39 0432 733242



Day 2, Sunday June 9, Civiadale del Friuli - Crikvenica: 240 km

Shortly after leaving we pass the first border of the many crossing we will have during this rally. In Slovenia we drive through the woods over the lower part of the mountains to the fertile planes.

Soon we leave the planes for the more desolate mountains separating us from Croatia. In Croatia we descend towards the coast. It is here that we find the Grand Hotel where we will spend the night.


Hotel Kvarner Palace
Ul. braće dr. Sobol 1
51260, Crikvenica,
 Tel.: +385 51 380 000


Day 3, Monday June 10, Crikvenica - Trogir: 330 km

Today will be a day with many kilometers. But it is truly straightforward. This is one of these days where it is impossible to make a classification. Not that the competition part is very fierce, it is mainly there to add some livelihood to the discussions at the bar. You really cannot get lost, just keep the sea on your right and the mountains on your left and eventually you will end up in Trogir, just outside Split.

Trigor is a lovely small town with narrow alleys and a multitude of restaurants and bars. We stay in the very comfortable Brown Beach House.





Day 4, Tuesday June 11, Trigor - Šišava: 240 km


It is time to leave the coast and go inland. There aren’t that many roads, but the roads, which we take, are mostly green-lined. After passing the Busko Jezero lake we see the mountains dooming ahead.

We drive between the mountains reaching almost to 2000 meters and climb to an altitude of 1350 meters before following the spectacular Vrbas canyon towards Banja Luka. We leave the main road for forests and nature and finish in a village which apparently is a ski-resort in the winter. For us it’s just a few houses with a comfortable country style hotel. The surroundings are delightful.

Hotel Pahuljica

Šišava 72286
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tel.: +387 30 540-022


Day 5, Wednesday June 12, Šišava - Bihac: 230 km

Today is going to be a day of mountains. Not really as we know them in the Alps. Much more gentile, we drive over meadows, through villages and along rivers.

After a beautiful day we drive through the Una Canyon and arrive to our destination, Hotel Emporium not far from the centre of Bihac. Hotel Emporium has recently been build, while it may miss the charm you have got accustomed to it offers dinner on a series of small boats. The setting between the mountains and the waterfalls is splendid.

Hotel Emporium

Irfana Ljubijankica 90

77000 Bihac
Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Tel.: +387 37 316-600


Day 6, Thursday June 13, Bihac - Ljubljana: 230 km

We leave Bosnia Herzegovina and drive into Croatia. The mountains are getting gentler and slowly turning into hills. The setting is just out of a fairy tale. But beware, less mountains means more roads and thus more difficult navigation.


We spend the night in a comfortable hotel in the centre of Ljubljana. Here you have the chance to discover the city and have some drinks on one of the many terraces.


Day 7, Friday June 14, Ljubljana - Pordenone: 250 km

Leaving Ljubljana we drive towards the mountains, slowly we are driving in a valley becoming more and more narrow and then it is up the Vršič pass. It is not so much the altitude but more the series of hairpins which make this pass a great driving experience.


The last night will be in an ancient Villa not to far from Venice. We are back to our beloved Italy.

Villa Cigolotti

Via S. Marco, 4

33099 Vivaro (PN)
 Tel.: +39 334 105 2706


Number: 25      Year of manufacture: 1982      Car: Mercedes 280 SL
Frank Schuerman (B)
Frank Schuerman
Jan van Eijcken (B)
Jan van Eijcken
Mercedes 280 SL 1982
Participated in :
Number: 24      Year of manufacture: 1970      Car: Mercedes 280 SL
Marco N. (NL)
no photo available yet

Kitty N. (NL)
no photo available yet

Mercedes 280 SL 1970
Participated in :
Number: 23      Year of manufacture: 1953      Car: Mercedes 220BC
Peter Schuerman (B)
Peter Schuerman
Bei Huang (B)
Bei Huang
Mercedes 220BC 1953
Participated in :
Number: 22      Year of manufacture: 1964      Car: Studebaker Avanti
Herman Blaak (NL)
Herman Blaak
Hans Blaak (NL)
Hans Blaak
Studebaker Avanti 1964
Participated in :
Number: 21      Year of manufacture: 1974      Car: Triumph TR6
Leo Verriet (NL)
Leo Verriet
Marianne Verriet (NL)
Marianne Verriet
Triumph TR6 1974
Participated in :
Number: 20      Year of manufacture: 1964      Car: Austin Healey 3000 MK III
Freek Koopmans (NL)
Freek Koopmans
Wilma Koopmans (NL)
Wilma Koopmans
Austin Healey 3000 MK III 1964
Participated in :
Number: 19      Year of manufacture: 1955      Car: Austin Healey 100/4 BN1
David John Twaites (CH)
David John Twaites
Henriette Twaites-Baum (CH)
Henriette Twaites-Baum
Austin Healey 100/4 BN1 1955
Participated in :
Number: 18      Year of manufacture: 1968      Car: Fiat 124 Spider
Frank Wilschut (NL)
Frank Wilschut
Thecla van de Kamp (NL)
Thecla van de Kamp
Fiat 124 Spider 1968
Participated in :
Number: 17      Year of manufacture: 1967      Car: Austin Healey 3000 MK III
Eduard Groen (NL)
Eduard Groen
Ans Groen (NL)
Ans Groen
Austin Healey 3000 MK III 1967
Participated in :
Number: 16      Year of manufacture: 1960      Car: Ford Mustang
Hugo van Luling (NL)
Hugo van Luling
Aline van Luling (NL)
Aline van Luling
Ford Mustang 1960
Participated in :
Number: 15      Year of manufacture: 1982      Car: Mercedes 280 SL
Robert van Grinsven (NL)
Robert van Grinsven
Hennie Van Grinsven (NL)
Hennie Van Grinsven
Mercedes 280 SL 1982
Participated in :
Number: 14      Year of manufacture: 1969      Car: Mercedes-Benz 280 SL
Jaap Roodenburg (NL)
Jaap Roodenburg
Hannie Roodenburg (NL)
Hannie Roodenburg
Mercedes-Benz 280 SL 1969
Participated in :
Number: 13      Year of manufacture: 1968      Car: Mercedes 250SE Cabriolet
Yvonne Stedehouder (NL)
Yvonne Stedehouder
Hans Stedehouder (NL)
Hans Stedehouder
Mercedes 250SE Cabriolet 1968
Participated in :
Number: 12      Year of manufacture: 1968      Car: Triumph TR250
Stefan de Bruijn (NL)
Stefan de Bruijn
Marcel Haaksma (NL)
Marcel Haaksma
Triumph TR250 1968
Participated in :
Number: 11      Year of manufacture: 1973      Car: Lancia Fulvia Zagato
Linda van Wijk (NL)
Linda van Wijk
Niels van Wijk (NL)
Niels van Wijk
Lancia Fulvia Zagato 1973
Participated in :
Number: 10      Year of manufacture: 1969      Car: Alfa Spider 1600
Ilmar Hotsma (NL)
Ilmar Hotsma
Ton Tuijten (NL)
Ton Tuijten
Alfa Spider  1600 1969
Participated in :
Number: 09      Year of manufacture: 1964      Car: Triumph TR 4
Nicholas Bleaney (UK)
Nicholas Bleaney
James Prentice (UK)
James Prentice
Triumph TR 4 1964
Participated in :
Number: 08      Year of manufacture: 1972      Car: Volvo P1800
Henny Vollenberg (NL)
Henny Vollenberg
Els Gerrits (NL)
Els Gerrits
Volvo P1800 1972
Participated in :
Number: 07      Year of manufacture: 1968      Car: Jaguar E-type Serie 1,5 OTS
Egbert Dijkstra (NL)
Egbert Dijkstra
Liesbeth van Galen (NL)
Liesbeth van Galen
Jaguar E-type Serie 1,5 OTS 1968
Participated in :
Number: 06      Year of manufacture: 1954      Car: Jaguar 140 OTS
Tony de Bruijn (NL)
Tony de Bruijn
Henk van Halewijn (NL)
Henk van Halewijn
Jaguar 140 OTS 1954
Participated in :
Number: 05      Year of manufacture: 1976      Car: Triumph Stag
Max Asjes (NL)
Max Asjes
Wijnanda Asjes-Tydeman (NL)
Wijnanda Asjes-Tydeman
Triumph Stag 1976
Participated in :
Number: 04      Year of manufacture: 1966      Car: Austin Healey 3000 mark III Ph2
Julius van Dam (NL)
Julius van Dam
Karin van Dam (NL)
Karin van Dam
Austin Healey 3000 mark III Ph2 1966
Participated in :
Number: 03      Year of manufacture: 1991      Car: Alfa Romeo Spider
Arnoud Govaert (NL)
Arnoud Govaert
Farahnaz Aliyeva (AZ)
Farahnaz Aliyeva
Alfa Romeo Spider 1991
Participated in :
Number: 02      Year of manufacture: 1988      Car: DAX Cobra 427
Martin Dubbink (NL)
Martin Dubbink
Jan Koers (NL)
Jan Koers
DAX Cobra 427 1988
Participated in :
Number: 01      Year of manufacture: 1956      Car: Mercedes 190SL
Francis Lauwereys (B)
Francis Lauwereys
Mieke Claeys (B)
Mieke Claeys
Mercedes 190SL 1956
Participated in :

Rally Details


Start: Saturday June 8
Locanda al Castello
Piazzetta Riccardi, 13
Cividale del Friuli (UD)

Finish: Saturday June 14
Villa Cigolotti
Via S. Marco, 4
Vivaro (PN)

  • A maximum of 30 crew
  • Seven nights in excellent hotels.
  • Five dinners.
  • Three or four lunches.
  • Technical assistance.
  • Special prize for the winners.
  • Via Flaminia clothing.
  • Roadbooks, rallyshields etc.

Entry fee


Booking fee

Registration for a crew of two: € 3.050, -.
Upgrade (you are on top of the list for the best rooms): € 300, –

Daily Düsseldorf – Innsbruck and back by motorail:

Starting at € 820, – (car and 2 passengers, 2018 prizes)


Total kilometers


Total rally kilometers: 1550

From Innsbruck to the first hotel (start): 300 km

From the finish hotel to the motorail in Innsbruck: 270 km



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Participating sponsors


Launching sponsors











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