Peaks of the Caucasus

The quest of the Golden Fleece

Together with the ministry of Transport and the TBC bank, the largest bank of Georgia, we are working on a unique adventure.

Georgia is an ancient country; its civilization goes back to the Persian en Greek empires. Its western name was given by the Crusaders after St George, in Georgia they call their country “Sakartvelo”.

Ancient Greek legends tell of a fabulously wealthy land where Jason and the Argonauts stole the Golden Fleece. It was a distant land that was reached by the Black Sea and down the River Phasis. Nowadays we refer to it as Georgia.

A journey into humanity and kindness. A gem between Europe and Asia and a place you will not regret visiting. This is what people who have visited Georgia tell, it leaves a massive impact on any traveller.

Georgia is a beautiful country shaped by rugged mountains, rivers, valleys and meadows. This amazing country lies in the middle of Caucasus region and has unspoiled natural beauty to complement its unique culture.

The highest peak of Europe can be found here, the Mount Elbrus which rises to a height of 5,642 metres. To sum it up there are more than seven five-thousanders in the greater Caucasian Mountain range.

It is not only the landscape, which will grasp you. It is the combination with the unique culture, the cuisine and the warmth of tis people.







Please have a look below for a day-by-day explanation of the rally.

The Economist’s ‘1843’ magazine, reprinted in The Week.



Monday October 1. Tbilisi

There are direct flight from Amsterdam and London with Georgian Airways.

The flight from London arrives in Tbilisi at 06:35 (2017 schedule).

The one from Amsterdam arrives on Saturday afternoon, a few days before the rally.

Alternatively you can take a Turkish Airlines or Ukrainian Airlines flight.

We will be picking you up at the airport. It is only a 20 to 30 minutes ride to the comfortable design hotel in Tbilisi.



In the afternoon we are brought to the customs depot where our cars are waiting. We are escorted back to our hotel. We have our first dinner together.



Tuesday October 2. Tbilisi -Vardzia, 230 km

The economy is prospering, so even in Tbilisi they have something we would call rush hour. We are escorted out of town towards the secondary road westwards. Soon all traffic disappears; we are in the hills leading to the lower Caucasus. The hills make place for high planes reminiscent of Tibet, not much vegetation, sparse cows who choose the road to ruminate and a series of lakes that mirror the sky.

It is at one of these lakes that we will be having our lunch at a trout nursery.

We continue our journey into the lower Caucasus and drive close to the border with Armenia. We pass a medieval castle and arrive at our lovely hotel.

From the swimming pool we have a great view to the cave dwellings, which we will be visiting the next day.






Wednesday, October 3. Vardzia – Borjomi, 110 km

In the morning we visit the cave dwellings at Vardzia dating back to the 12th century. The cave-monastery once consisted of 6000 apartments over 13 floors.


We will be going back to the hotel for a lunch on the terrace.

In the afternoon we drive via Akhalkalak through the mountains to our destination Borjomi.

Borjomi is a lively tourist resort, known for its healing water. We will be staying in the comfortable Crown Plaza.




Thursdsay, October 4. Borjomi - Tskaltubo, 200 km

From Borjomi, while going west, we cross the watershed. From now on the rivers will be flowing into the Black Sea. We drive further into the Caucasus. It never becomes steep and the roads are mostly excellent.

The mining town of Sachkhere is more a homage to the Soviet model citizen. Lenin and Stalin still cohabit here. The mining complexes are out-dated but many of the cable cars are still in operation today.

We end the day with a special stage at the former Kutaisi Airport.

The Hotel in Tskaltubo is good but misses any special charm. We will be staying two nights here.




Firday, October 5. Tskaltubo - Tskaltubo, 195 km

After a short drive we come to the Prometheus Cave. We have all seen magnificent caves but this one is something special so we felt obliged to include it.

We continue our road, at first the road is easy, bordered with lakes but soon we climb ferociously up the Caucasus. The road is steep, the hairpins tight but the asphalt is fresh. We reach  the top and immediately we go down, we pass an artificial lake and drive through gorges towards the test of the day, on another airport.

We are kindly invited to have lunch and wine tasting at the Royal Khvanchkara Winery.

After lunch we continue our trip back to our hotel. 



Saturday, October 6. Tskaltubo - Mestia, 210 km

Today we drive up the Cuacasus towards the Svaneti region. The region inhabited by the Svans is made up of around 10 villages. The snow capped mountains create an idyllic backdrop for the villages scattered across pristine Alpine meadows. Despite of being Georgians, the Svans are known for 

their distinct language and cuisine. 

Since there is no real hotel, we will be staying with the local people. A nice experience and a way to get to know the hospitality of the Georgians.

Sunday, October 7. Mestia - Uzghuli - Mestia, 100 km

 Where you could pretend that Mestia is still part of “our world”, the idea disappears quickly when driving along the majestic mountains on the way toUsghuli. At 2100 m, Usghuli is one of the highest continuously inhabited villages of Asia-Minor. And the road becomes challenging, especially after rainfall. Judge for yourself. This inaccessibility has helped preserve the villages’ timeless feel.

We would have loved to continue our road, but it only gets worse with razor-sharp slates cutting through your tires. So after an open air lunch we return to our home-stay in Mestia.

Monday, October 8. Mestia - Tskaltubo, 230 km

Unfortuanetly, most of the road we take is the same as two days ago when we went up the Caucasus. Now we get to see the mighty mountains from the other side.

We will be staying in the same hotel as a few days ago.



Tuesday, October 9. Tskaltubo – Tbilisi, 260 km

We have now seen the west side of the country and will now be heading towards the eastern province of Kakheti.

We take the smaller roads through fields and villages towards Gori. In Gori the people still honour a man who helped “shape” the Soviet Union. It is quite interesting to see how a museum can be dedicated to all the triumphs of Joseph S.

We assemble in the old capital Mtskheta for a police escort in town.

We are welcomed by the city-officials with a drink on the Major square in town, Freedom Square.

We stay in the very comfortable and trendy Rooms Hotel.


Wednesday, October 10. Tbilisi

We have a well-deserved free day in Tbilisi. The centre of the old town is actually quite lively with many bars and restaurants. The city is absolutely safe and it is very pleasant to walk around.

A cable car brings you to the castle overlooking the city.

Thursday, October 11. Tbilisi – Sighnaghi, 170 km

Kakheti is definitely the touristy region; it has everything, desert, high mountains, wineries and lakes.

We start towards the David Geraja monastery on the Azerbaijan border. The monastery is partially rock hewn. And the setting is just something special.

From there we hope to get the necessary support from the government to cross the semi-desert and the Kataryeli Range of mountains.

Most of the tracks are easy to drive except for some river beddings which can even be an obstacle just after heavy rains. Some of the river beddings do have scares vegetation and are the habitat of a great variety of birds.

Once through the semi-desert we drive again a comfortable road surrounded with cultivated fields and wine ranks.

From the low lands we climb to our destination for the night, the lovely little town of Sighnagi.


Thursday, October 12. Sighnaghi - Lopota Resort , 165 km

We go back down into the valley where, at first, we drive south in a scarcely populated area, most of the road has recently been asphalted, we drive on the edge of what can be cultivated, huge irrigated fields alternate arid soil. On the way back we drive along the river that separates Georgia from Azerbaijan.

We continue our way into the Tusheti region, the lands becomes increasingly fertile and we pass many wine fields. We stop at a winery for a lunch and we visit the wine museum. The Georgian wine making goes back 6000 years, way before the west discovered this technique. We will learn everything about this traditional way of wine making which is still in use today.




We drive a small distance to our hotel at the Lopota Lake.


Saturday, October 13. Lopota – Kazbegi, 230 km

We cross the valley and drive in the gentle mountains of the Tbilisi National Park, the forest is lush with the occasional village and the roads are nice to drive, with gentle curves. Once on the military highway, dating back, dating back to the 18the century, traffic becomes more intense with lorries transiting between Armenia and Russia, the road is excellent and still being improved.

Passed the ski resort of Gudauri the road and scenery start to become really exceptional.


Sunday, October 14. Kazbegi – Tbilisi, 135 km

The last day, the rally was planned in a way so that the finish would coincide with the wine festivities at Chateau Mukhrani.

Chateau Makhrani is one of the most prominent wine houses of the country and the most prominent people of Georgia are invited to be part of this yearly wine festival.

We will be picking grapes, making wine the traditional way and being the guest of honour at lunch and dinner.

We leave our cars at the premises to be picked up the next day for shipping home. Meanwhile we take a bus back to our hotel in Tbilisi.

Monday, October 15.

We are brought to the airport for our flight home. The Direct connection with Amsterdam leaves at 6:30 a.m. (2017 time table)

The direct flight to London leaves at 19:35.

Alternatively, Turkish Airlines and Ukrainian Airlines do have frequent flights to Tbilisi.

Number: 29      Year of manufacture: 1936      Car: Alvis 4,3 ltr Special
Roland van Pelt (NL)
Roland van Pelt
TBA ()
no photo available yet

Alvis 4,3 ltr Special 1936
Participated in :
Number: 28      Year of manufacture: 1927      Car: Mercedes Benz roadster 630K
Jan Dingemans (NL)
Jan Dingemans
Marleen Dingemans (NL)
Marleen Dingemans
Mercedes Benz roadster 630K 1927
Participated in :
Number: 27      Year of manufacture: 1937      Car: Alvis Speed 25
Herman de Jong (NL)
Herman de Jong
Vera de Jong (NL)
Vera de Jong
Alvis Speed 25 1937
Participated in :
Number: 26      Year of manufacture: 1928      Car: 3-liter High Chassis Invicta
Jean-Jacques Lizambard (FR)
Jean-Jacques Lizambard
Jean Patrick Voisin (FR)
Jean Patrick Voisin
3-liter High Chassis Invicta 1928
Participated in :
Number: 25      Year of manufacture: 1936      Car: Bentley 3.5 ltr. Derby
Peter Aarts (NL)
Peter Aarts
Nanette Aarts (NL)
Nanette Aarts
Bentley 3.5 ltr. Derby 1936
Participated in :
Number: 23      Year of manufacture: 1935      Car: Bentley 3,5 lt 2 seater tourer
Brian King (IRL)
Brian King
Sarah King (IRL)
Sarah King
Bentley 3,5 lt 2 seater tourer 1935
Participated in :
Number: 22      Year of manufacture: 1931      Car: Invicta, S-Type
Annette Abaci (D)
Annette Abaci
Julia Edwards (UK)
Julia Edwards
Invicta, S-Type 1931
Participated in :
Number: 21      Year of manufacture: 1931      Car: Bentley 8ltr
Bert Kersten (NL)
Bert Kersten
Alie Kersten (NL)
Alie Kersten
Bentley 8ltr 1931
Participated in :
Number: 19      Year of manufacture: 1933      Car: Lancia Artena
Hugo Modderman (NL)
Hugo Modderman
Bakhva Rukhadze (GE)
Bakhva Rukhadze
Lancia Artena 1933
Participated in :
Number: 18      Year of manufacture: 1930      Car: Marmon Big Eight
Heinz-Bruno Hecker (D)
Heinz-Bruno Hecker
Sylvia Beese (D)
no photo available yet

Marmon Big Eight 1930
Participated in :
Number: 17      Year of manufacture: 1927      Car: Sunbeam Supersport
Thomas Treul (AT)
Thomas Treul
Renate Treul (AT)
Renate Treul
Sunbeam Supersport 1927
Participated in :
Number: 16      Year of manufacture: 1951      Car: Jaguar Mark V Dropead Coupé
Louisa van Beuningen (NL)
Louisa van Beuningen
Rimmert Sluiter (NL)
Rimmert Sluiter
Jaguar Mark V Dropead Coupé 1951
Participated in :
Number: 15      Year of manufacture: 1930      Car: Bentley Le Mans Special
Arthur Brouwer (NL)
Arthur Brouwer
Harry Koorstra (NL)
Harry Koorstra
Bentley Le Mans Special 1930
Participated in :
Number: 14      Year of manufacture: 1925      Car: Chrysler B70 type Six Pheaton
Cees Willemse (NL)
Cees Willemse
Ingeborg van 't Hof (NL)
Ingeborg van 't Hof
Chrysler B70 type Six Pheaton 1925
Participated in :
Number: 13      Year of manufacture: 1934      Car: Tatra 75 Sodomka, Cabriolet
Rolf Furrer (CH)
Rolf Furrer
Adrian Fiat (RO)
Adrian Fiat
Tatra 75 Sodomka, Cabriolet 1934
Participated in :
Number: 12      Year of manufacture: 1934      Car: Bentley Derby Dale
Rob Jeurissen (NL)
Rob Jeurissen
Jeanne Jeurissen (NL)
Jeanne Jeurissen
Bentley Derby Dale 1934
Participated in :
Number: 11      Year of manufacture: 1935      Car: Lagonda M 4,5 Rapide
Reinout de Waal (NL)
Reinout de Waal
Anne Marie van Dam van Isselt (NL)
Anne Marie van Dam van Isselt
Lagonda M 4,5 Rapide 1935
Participated in :
Number: 10      Year of manufacture: 1938      Car: Alvis Speed 25
Willem Vermeulen (NL)
Willem Vermeulen
Ellen Vermeulen (NL)
Ellen Vermeulen
Alvis Speed 25 1938
Participated in :
Number: 09      Year of manufacture: 1922      Car: Vauxhall 30/98
Robert Frankcom (UK)
Robert Frankcom
Julia Frankcom (UK)
Julia Frankcom
Vauxhall 30/98 1922
Participated in :
Number: 08      Year of manufacture: 1923      Car: Vauxhal
Michael Power (UK)
Michael Power
Ros Wild (UK)
Ros Wild
Vauxhal 1923
Participated in :
Number: 07      Year of manufacture: 1931      Car: Alvis 12/60
A. R. (NL)
A. R.
J. K. (NL)
J. K.
Alvis 12/60 1931
Participated in :
Number: 05      Year of manufacture: 1938      Car: Frazer Nash BMW 327 cabrio
John Noble (UK)
John Noble
Jean Noble (UK)
Jean Noble
Frazer Nash BMW 327 cabrio 1938
Participated in :
Number: 04      Year of manufacture: 1929      Car: Bentley 4,5 l
Mamuka Khazaradze (GE)
Mamuka Khazaradze
Nika Khazaradze (GE)
Nika Khazaradze
Bentley 4,5 l 1929
Participated in :
Number: 03      Year of manufacture: 1933      Car: Talbot 105 Alpine Tourer
Wouter Panis (B)
Wouter Panis
Menno de Haan (B)
Menno de Haan
Talbot 105 Alpine Tourer 1933
Participated in :
Number: 02      Year of manufacture: 1932      Car: Riley Gamecock
Iens Boswijk (NL)
Iens Boswijk
Gé Steensma (NL)
Gé Steensma
Riley Gamecock 1932
Participated in :
Number: 01      Year of manufacture: 1933      Car: Bugatti T 46
Bob Meijer (NL)
Bob Meijer
no photo available yet

Bugatti T 46 1933
Participated in :

Rally Details


Start: Monday October 1, 2018
Republic Square

Finish: Sunday October 14, 2018
Chateau Mukhrani
near Tbilisi

  • Supported by the Georgian government.
  • A Maximum of 30 crew.
  • Fourteen nights in excellent hotels.
  • Thirteen dinners.
  • Twelve lunches.
  • Technical assistance.
  • Medical assistance.
  • Third party insurance up to $ 300.000, – (Damage to other participants excluded).
  • Commemorative photo book by photographer Wico Mulder.
  • Special prize for the winners.
  • Via Flaminia clothing.
  • Roadbooks, rallyshields etc.

Entry fee

Car shipping

Booking fee

Registration: € 8.770, –
Upgrade (you are on top of the list for the best rooms): € 800, –

Our shipping partner is M- Star Freight.

Shipping will take place in sealed containers to and from Tbilisi. 

From Antwerp: € 3.500, – (cars up to 4.50 m)
From Antwerp: € 4.000, – (cars longer than 4.50m)
From Ipswich: € 4.350, –

Other ports upon request.

Insurance of the car during shipment starting at € 400, –

Total kilometers


Total rally kilometers: 2250








Main Sponsors




Participating sponsors


Initial sponsors











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