Peaks of the Adriatic Classic

Peaks of the Adriatic Classic.

The Balkan is attracting more and more tourists and for some reason, it has a vast coastline inundated with sun, the mountains are wild and mighty and the people are welcoming.

Leaving the motorail to the start hotel we drive through the Dolomites (we suggest you take a motorail a few days early). From the castle in Cividale del Friuli we drive towards the Croatian coast to the Grand Hotel in Crikvenica. From there we drive via Zadar in two days over the cliffs overlooking the Adriatic to the ancient city of Split. We stay on the main square in the centre of town in two historical buildings.

We leave the coast into Bosnia and Herzegovina. As we approach our destination, Mostar, we see the mountains doming ahead. We drive some of the most beautiful roads over passes, through villages right out of a different time into Montenegro. Our modern and stylish hotel seems out of place, but the next day we understand. We drive through the second largest canyon in the world, 82 km long and at 1200 m deep at one point.

In Albania we stay in in the small town of Shköder with the mountains as magnificent backdrop. We leave the – relatively – populated coast for the mountains. Again it is a magnificent drive in the valley towards lake Debar and Macedonia.

We go south and pass lake Ohrid and lake Prespa, the former is one of the deepest lakes in the world and declared UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its unique ecosystem. We cross once more into Montenegro before our last border crossing into Greece. We will have covered approximately 1.750 km when we arrive at our last hotel at the lake of Kastoria.

It is a final 230 km to Igoumenitsa where the ferry will bring us all to Ancona.





Day 1, Saturday September 14, Motorail - Cividale del Friuli: 300km

The motorail runs daily from Düsseldorf to Innsbruck. We suggest you take a day extra in order to have all the time to enjoy driving the Dolomites.

Of course you are also welcome to come by own means to Cividale del Friuli.

The hotel for the start is 300 km from Innsbruck. It is a former 19th century cloister converted into hotel and wellness centre. For those arriving early we recommend a 15-minute walk to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Tempietto Longobardo. Together with the monastery of Santa Maria in Valle it constitutes some of the oldest Lombard architecture.

Locanda al Castello

Via del Castello 12

33043 Cividale del Friuli (UD)

Tel.: +39 0432 733242



Day 2, Sunday September 15, Civiadale del Friuli - Crikvenica: 240 km

Shortly after leaving we pass the first border of the many crossing we will have during this rally. In Slovenia we drive through the woods over the lower part of the mountains to the fertile planes.

Soon we leave the planes for the more desolate mountains separating us from Croatia. In Croatia we descend towards the coast. It is here that we find the Grand Hotel where we will spend the night.


Hotel Kvarner Palace
Ul. braće dr. Sobol 1
51260, Crikvenica,
 Tel.: +385 51 380 000


Day 3, Monday September 16, Crikvenica - Zadar: 190 km

This is one of these days where it is impossible to make a classification. Not that the competition part is very fierce, it is mainly there to add some livelihood to the discussions at the bar. You really cannot get lost, just keep the sea on your right and the mountains on your left and eventually you will end up in Zadar.

We will be staying in a brand new stylish 5-star resort with all the facilities making you wish you never had enrolled on a rally.

Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa
Resort Punta Skala
23231, Petrčane
 Tel.:+385 23 555 601


Day 4, Tuesday September 17, Zadar - Trogir: 155 km

We considered driving from Crikvenica to Trogir in one go. But the Peaks of the Adriatic rally has a high social character, so we decided for a resort hotel just outside Zadar to shorten the journey and for a very cosy hotel in the lovely town of Trogir, close to Split.

From Zadar it is now a drive of 165 km along the beautiful coast. You can do it in one go and be in time for lunch at the lake-side restaurant of the Brown Beach House hotel in Trogir and take a shuttle to Split. Always buzzing, this exuberant city has just the right balance of tradition and modernity. Step inside Diocletian’s Palace (a Unesco World Heritage site and one of the world’s most impressive Roman monuments) and you’ll see dozens of bars, restaurants and shops thriving amid the atmospheric old walls where Split life has been humming along for thousands of years. 





Day 5, Wednesday September 18, Trogir - Mostar: 160 km

We drive our last kilometres along the breathtaking coastline and take left into the mainland and towards Bosnia and Hertzegovina. We then take the smaller roads before entering the valley towards our destination Mostar.

In Mostar we stay in a modern hotel, entirely build with natural stones. It is located nearby the famous bridge which was rebuild after the war.



Day 6, Thursday September 19, Mostar - Zabljak: 245 km

From here on we indulge in nature, vast forests and long mountainous chains. The region is upcoming for all those who like hiking in the nature. As this is not our sport, we take the more comfortable automobile.

In Montenegro we drive through the national park of Durmitor on the Prevoj Sedlo pass at an elevation of 1.907 m. It’s one of the most spectacular roads in Montenegro. On the summit there are fantastic views on both sides, with a nice panorama of the Valovito Jezero lake and the sharp rock of Stožina (1,905 m).



The last stretch for the day is absolutely stunning. High in the meadows, a perfect one-lane road meandering over the mountains.

You would not expect a modern hotel here. But as tourists are coming to the region, the tourism industry is starting to develop.


Day 7, Friday September 20, Zabljak - Shkodër: 275 km

We leave our hotel for a drive to one of the largest canyons in the world. It is claimed to be the second largest behind the Grand Canyon, but to be honest it does not stand the comparison. However it is quite long and we drive for 40 km between the mountains. The Tara canyon’s fame comes from the rafting on the waters of the Tara River. We keep it dry.

Obviously the Balkan countries have found their way to the infrastructural funds from the IMF, World Bank, EU and other agencies. The two lane roads are mostly excellent. We will be going into Albania and the 2016 Google Map pictures show extensive work on most of the stretch from the Montenegro border to Shkodër where we will be spending the night. But lets hope they keep a gravel stretch for us.


Day 8, Saturday September 21, Zabljak - Lake Ohrid: 240 km

Shkodër is at the coast. However we will go east, back into the mountains. The coastal area of Albania is not really attractive and the mountain harbour some beautiful drives with astonishing views.


Again, the roads are quite good. When we finally go south we arrive into Macedonia, in a region which one could call touristy. Several lakes do attract the holiday goers and we stay in the band new Unique Hotel.


Unique Resort & Spa

Tel.: +389 46 272 222



Day 9, Sunday September 22, Lake Ohrid - Meteora: 260 km

The lake region is quite spectacular. We leave lake Ohrid, one of the deepest lakes in Europe and home to its own ecosystem granting it a place on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The views from its shores are spectacular but not as spectacular as from the top of the little pass separating it from lake Prespa. 


We drive along lake Prespa and come again across a border crossing, this time back into Albania. Some 55 kilometres further we cross the border to Greece we now pass  Lake Kastoria and are on the way to the last hotel of the rally near Meteora.

The finish of both the Via Hellenica Pre War and the Classic edition was in Meteora. Both times it ended in a big party. 

Divani Hotel

National Road

Kalampaka 422 00

 Tel: + 30 2432 023 330


Day 10, Monday September 23, Meteora - Igoumenitsa: 170 km

From now on it is only downwards, literally. Though not a rally day anymore the drive to the ferry in Igoumenitsa is still extremely nice, not too challenging, just enjoying driving roads meandering slowly over the mountains. Alternatively you can take the highway over much of the distance.


We have plenty of time for a dinner in one of the many restaurants in Igoumenitsa. Meanwhile our cars can be parked safely behind customs. The ferry for Ancona leaves around midnight.


Day 11, Tuesday September 24, arrival in Ancona

The ferry will be arriving on Tuesday at 16:30h.

On Wednesday you can drop off your car at the Bologna airport, some 230 km from Ancona. There are many scenic roads which you can take. We will either be taking your car to Holland or to Essex. 

For the night you are free to choose your hotel.


Number: 31      Year of manufacture: 1969      Car: Mercedes 280SL
Louisa van Beuningen (NL)
Louisa van Beuningen
Rimmert Sluiter (NL)
Rimmert Sluiter
Mercedes 280SL 1969
Participated in :
Number: 30      Year of manufacture: 1974      Car: Porsche 914
Joop Stolze (NL)
Joop Stolze
Neeltje Stolze (NL)
Neeltje Stolze
Porsche 914 1974
Participated in :
Number: 29      Year of manufacture: 1972      Car: Corvette
Bart van der Kloet (B)
Bart van der Kloet
Miriam van der Kloet (B)
Miriam van der Kloet
Corvette 1972
Participated in :
Number: 28      Year of manufacture: 1964      Car: Alfa Romeo Giulia GTC
Paul Kok (NL)
Paul Kok
Lindy Margadant (NL)
Lindy Margadant
Alfa Romeo Giulia GTC 1964
Participated in :
Number: 27      Year of manufacture: 1964      Car: Janguar E-type
Nico Cortlever (NL)
Nico Cortlever
Letty Cortlever (NL)
Letty Cortlever
Janguar E-type 1964
Participated in :
Number: 26      Year of manufacture: 1972      Car: Lancia Sport Zagato
Leif Neuman (USA)
Leif Neuman
Barbara Neuman (USA)
Barbara Neuman
Lancia Sport Zagato 1972
Participated in :
Number: 25      Year of manufacture: 1966      Car: TR4A IRS
Bram van Rosmalen (NL)
Bram van Rosmalen
Fenneke van Leijden (NL)
Fenneke van Leijden
TR4A IRS 1966
Participated in :
Number: 24      Year of manufacture: 1972      Car: Peugeot 504 cabrio
Wouter Aarts (NL)
Wouter Aarts
Tom van Bolderen (NL)
Tom van Bolderen
Peugeot 504 cabrio 1972
Participated in :
Number: 23      Year of manufacture: 1958      Car: Jaguar XK 150 DHC
Jan Willem de Looze (NL)
Jan Willem de Looze
Willemien de Looze (NL)
Willemien de Looze
Jaguar XK 150 DHC 1958
Participated in :
Number: 22      Year of manufacture: 1960      Car: Chevrolet Corvette
Joost Krugers (B)
Joost Krugers
Vieta Bons (B)
Vieta Bons
Chevrolet Corvette 1960
Participated in :
Number: 21      Year of manufacture: 1974      Car: BMW 2002 Touring
Hans Krietemeijer (NL)
Hans Krietemeijer
Helmy Wulms (NL)
Helmy Wulms
BMW 2002 Touring 1974
Participated in :
Number: 20      Year of manufacture: 1936      Car: Bentley 3.5 ltr. Derby
Peter Aarts (NL)
Peter Aarts
Nanette Aarts (NL)
Nanette Aarts
Bentley 3.5 ltr. Derby 1936
Participated in :
Number: 19      Year of manufacture: 1963      Car: TR4
Chris Kallis (UK)
Chris Kallis
Elli Kallis (UK)
Elli Kallis
TR4 1963
Participated in :
Number: 18      Year of manufacture: 1968      Car: Triumph TR250
Nico Trap (NL)
Nico Trap
Hanneke Trap (NL)
Hanneke Trap
Triumph TR250 1968
Participated in :
Number: 17      Year of manufacture: 1968      Car: Citroen DS 21 Cabriolet Usine, Chapron
Marco Brocken (NL)
Marco Brocken
Kitty Kamerbeek (NL)
Kitty Kamerbeek
Citroen DS 21 Cabriolet Usine, Chapron 1968
Participated in :
Number: 16      Year of manufacture: 1968      Car: Datsun Fairlady 2000
Fons Denissen (NL)
Fons Denissen
Jolijn Denissen (NL)
Jolijn Denissen
Datsun Fairlady 2000 1968
Participated in :
Number: 15      Year of manufacture: 1970      Car: Alfa Romeo Spider
Cees van den Heuvel (NL)
Cees van den Heuvel
Wilma van den Heuvel (NL)
Wilma van den Heuvel
Alfa Romeo Spider 1970
Participated in :
Number: 14      Year of manufacture: 1965      Car: Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
Trix Metternich (NL)
Trix Metternich
Clemens Metternich (NL)
Clemens Metternich
Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 1965
Participated in :
Number: 13      Year of manufacture: 1964      Car: Alfa Romeo 2600 Touring Spider
Frank van Min (NL)
Frank van Min
Jacqueline van Min (NL)
Jacqueline van Min
Alfa Romeo 2600 Touring Spider 1964
Participated in :
Number: 12      Year of manufacture: 1972      Car: BMW 2002Tii Touring
Tom Bakkenist (NL)
Tom Bakkenist
Isabella Bakkenist (NL)
Isabella Bakkenist
BMW 2002Tii Touring 1972
Participated in :
Number: 11      Year of manufacture: 1970      Car: Jaguar E-Type 4.2 OTS
Marc Verloo (B)
Marc Verloo
Anne Ghys (B)
Anne Ghys
Jaguar E-Type 4.2 OTS 1970
Participated in :
Number: 10      Year of manufacture: 1953      Car: Jaguar XK 120 DHC
Jan-Dirk Hageman (NL)
Jan-Dirk Hageman
Martine Hageman (NL)
Martine Hageman
Jaguar XK 120 DHC 1953
Participated in :
Number: 09      Year of manufacture: 1971      Car: Alfa Romeo 1750 Spider Veloce
Tonnie Verbeek (NL)
Tonnie Verbeek
Emiel Verbeek (NL)
Emiel Verbeek
Alfa Romeo 1750 Spider Veloce 1971
Participated in :
Number: 08      Year of manufacture: 1956      Car: Jaguar 140 XK FHC
Bart ter Borg (NL)
Bart ter Borg
Anja ter Borg (NL)
Anja ter Borg
Jaguar 140 XK FHC 1956
Participated in :
Number: 07      Year of manufacture: 1972      Car: MG Midget MK III
Wietse Groenink (NL)
Wietse Groenink
Ineke Groenink (NL)
Ineke Groenink
MG Midget MK III 1972
Participated in :
Number: 06      Year of manufacture: 1984      Car: Bentley Continental
Walter vd Berg (NL)
Walter vd Berg
Dorine vd Berg (NL)
Dorine vd Berg
Bentley Continental 1984
Participated in :
Number: 05      Year of manufacture: 1954      Car: Austin Healy 100-4
Rolf Dalhuisen (NL)
Rolf Dalhuisen
Lian Dalhuisen (NL)
Lian Dalhuisen
Austin Healy 100-4 1954
Participated in :
Number: 04      Year of manufacture: 1971      Car: Jaguar E-type
Kees den Ouden (NL)
Kees den Ouden
Henriette den Ouden Nuninga (NL)
Henriette den Ouden Nuninga
Jaguar E-type 1971
Participated in :
Number: 03      Year of manufacture: 1963      Car: Alfa Romeo 2600 Touring Spider
Bernard Fortuyn (NL)
Bernard Fortuyn
Bernadette Fortuyn (NL)
Bernadette Fortuyn
Alfa Romeo 2600 Touring Spider 1963
Participated in :
Number: 02      Year of manufacture: 1968      Car: Mercedes 280SL
Niek van Helden (NL)
Niek van Helden
Marian van Helden (NL)
Marian van Helden
Mercedes 280SL 1968
Participated in :
Number: 01      Year of manufacture: 1953      Car: Lancia Aurelia 3rd series
Nick Heywood-Waddington (UK)
Nick Heywood-Waddington
Peter Heath (UK)
Peter Heath
Lancia Aurelia 3rd series 1953
Participated in :

Rally Details


Start: Saturday September 14
Locanda al Castello
Cividale del Friuli

Finish: Monday September 23
Igoumenitsa ferry port

  • A maximum of 30 crew.
  • Nine nights in excellent hotels
  • Seven dinners
  • Seven lunches
  • Technical assistance by Imparts
  • Raidillon watch for the winners.
  • Via Flaminia polo
  • Roadbooks, rallyshields etc

Entry fee

Early booking fee for a crew of two:
(Down payment received before December 1st, 2018)

Registration: € 3.650, –
Update (you are on top of the list for the best rooms): € 400, –


Booking fee for a crew of two: 
(Down payment in after December 1, 2018)

Registration: € 4.110, –
Update (you are on top of the list for the best rooms): € 500, –

Total kilometers

Train details

Total rally kilometers: 1750

From the disembarkation of the first hotel: 300 km

From the finish to the port of Igoumenitsa: 230 km

Daily from Düsseldorf to Innsbruck.

Departure at 21:00 and arrival at 09:15

Daily from Hamburg to Vienna.

Departure at 20:15 and arrival at 08:20

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